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“The birth of my daughter was such a memorable experience. Joanna gave me the go ahead to come in after having some contractions. Once I got there, the tub was already filled & 30 minutes later my daughter was born. Joanna and her 2 assistants delivered my daughter safely and was by my side the whole time.” Charlotte B., Yelp

“We felt covered and calm thanks to you.” – Mommy, daddy, and new daughter

Angeliki and Vasilis at the beginning of a successful VBAC.
Angeliki and Vasilis, in their successful VBAC.

“Your presence & help was an important part in our success to this VBAC journey.” – Angeliki and Vasilis

“Muchísimas gracias a Joana por ayer me ayudado durante mi parto. Fuiste muy professional y muy respetuosa mientras me ayudabas. Fuiste muy paciente y muy atenta a todo lo que necesitaba. Mil gracias de nuevo.” – Madre primeriza

“You made my labor experience incredibly blissful. I’ll never forget the wonderful care and support you gave me.” – First-time mom

“She listened to my needs and helped relax me and actually feel comfortable enough to push my baby out. – First-time mother

“La verdad que estoy muy agradecida con la chica que me ayudó en el parto. Es una persona muy agradable y con mucha paciencia. Me estuvo apoyando mucho y que gusto saber que puedan ayudar a uno de esa manera ya que a veces la familia no puede acompañarnos y podemos estar solas. Agradezco de corazón a Joanna y su ayuda que me brindó durante mi labor de parto y que Dios la bendiga siempre.” – Nueva madre en el Centro de Partos en Universidad de California, San Diego.

Alanna and Jan laboring at home in the tub.
Alanna and Jan laboring at home in the tub.

“We are happy and healthy in part due to your good and loving energy.”  “Many, many thanks for helping us create the birthing experience we wanted to welcome Kenji to the world. Having a child has brought the most wonderful people into our lives; you were the first. Your ability to anticipate our needs, to listen, to encourage, to hold our hands, and to take beautiful pictures made his birth the most special day of our lives.” – Alanna Aiko Moore and Jan Estrellado

“They were a blessing to me as a father.” – To Joanna and her apprentice, from a new dad

“Right off the back she won us over with her knowledge, professionalism, and calming demeanor.” “Joanna was there with us for over 13 hours from late evening until midmorning keeping us going even when exhaustion was setting in.” – Vanessa M.

Sinath, Many and I after Jayo’s birth.

“I met Joanna through my hypnobirthing class I took at Best Start Birth Center. The moment I talked to her, I knew she was the doula I wanted to hire for the birth of my son.  She was very pleasant and easy to talk to.” -Sinath and Many Mey (A year and a half later, I had the honor of being called in for the birth of their next child as well.)

“Joanna was such a great help last Saturday during my labor. Despite many restrictions (fetal monitors, IVs) she was able to come up with things that I can do to help me cope … with labor/contraction pains and help me progress with dilation.” “Again, we want to extend our gratitude for easing my labor pains. May you be a blessing to other mothers that you will help in the future. …God bless.” – Experienced mother

“We are so excited to work with you and have both felt so much more at ease knowing you will be there to help us through this new adventure!! Yay!” – 2 Moms-to-be at a prenatal meeting

“We really needed your assistance and I hope you continue helping other[s] just like you did it with us. Without your help I would get frustrated in this situation.” – Husband and new father

“When Joanna arrived, she introduced herself and quickly got into position to support me since I was already in the tub laboring. Even though we hadn’t met her until I was already in labor, it was very easy to welcome Joanna and I was extremely comfortable having her knowledge, experience and voice in the room. She helped me get in and out of the tub and supported me while I walked around and went to the bathroom. She used essential oils (lavender to relax, citrus to give me an energy burst) to help me through the labor and provided much needed massage/pressure on my low back during my contractions (what a relief!). She also played photographer, snapping pictures at the right times. One of the things that really helped me was to hear Joanna’s voice during my labor. She was great about maintaining a calming voice and would also encourage me during the tough parts – saying that I was doing a great job and that everything was going extremely well. She even helped me keep the right breathing and tones. My husband and I agree that our birth was much easier thanks to Joanna. She offered to get us food and reminded my husband to keep drinking water or eating so he could continue to help during my labor.”  – Sara S.

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